A fat man wanting to loose weight In the 1960s

I was approached by the local radio station in south Sweden and asked to participate in a new program "Cholesterol, food and exercise". Why me? Probably because I was the local person around dealing with this new tests, cholesterol, on a daily basis and also had a reputation for enjoying my daily morning run.

Listeners called the switchboard and questions were delivered to us in the studio on small pieces of paper. One day the message said: "Fat man wants to loose weight". Connected to the man we suggested he should cut down on food and take regular exercises, e.g swimming? "No water here and too far to a swimming pool." "What about cycling?" To which he replied: "Yes I like chicken (phonetically very close to cycling in Swedish) and yesterday I had turkey and carrots". We could only say "Fine, fine" and were saved from further embarrassment by the technician, who put on a tune called Chicken Polka.

The program was still ongoing ten years later. The producer decided to mark the occasion by digging up funny events. What about Tryding's famous cockup? Let's see what we can do about that? So it came to be that on the anniversary day, without me being told, the radio station called the Fat Man and said: "Hello, this is the local radio station. Do you remember calling this program about your weight problem ten years ago?" After a long silence the reply came: "Are you calling because that doctor has now found the answer?"

Recollected by Nils Tryding, Kristianstad, Sweden Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 October 2006 )